Share Your Extreme Travel Adventures with Video

Becky Brooks


hang gliding

Make an extreme travel adventure video! Animoto’s NYC Office Coordinator, Katie, recently visited Tennessee.  While there, she conquered her fear of heights!

She went hang gliding over Lookout Valley, and now she has a captivating video to share with her friends and family.

GoPro Camera + Animoto = killer videos

go pro camera

So how did she do it?  The hang gliding instructor put a GoPro camera onto the wing of the glider.  They adjusted the camera so that it’d take photos instead of video. Katie also wore a GoPro Helmet Camera that she used to take video clips while in the air.

Tell the Story of Your Adventure

These photos and video clips showed the ascent, time in the sky, and descent back to the ground from her perspective. Since her shots had a clear beginning, middle and end, they were prime candidates for being shared in an Animoto video.

She took the photos and video clips, added an uplifting song that captured the energy of the day, and added words letting the viewer know what a feat this gliding experience was for her.

While I’m not sure I’m quite ready to overcome my fear of heights after watching this video, I’m sure glad I got to see what the view was like for Katie!

Whether you are doing a weekend getaway, traveling with the family, or backpacking around Europe, turn the photos and video clips you capture of your travel experiences into a  video! 

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