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Pro Music Library Now Features Triple Scoop Music

Becky Brooks

Animoto Music Library Triple Scoop Music

Starting today, Animoto Pro customers have instant access to over 1,000+ Triple Scoop Music songs. Pro Premium customers get nearly double that!

Triple Scoop Music has thousands of hand-picked, curated and high-quality tracks that will work as powerful musical accompaniment to your videos.

We will be adding more of their music in the months to come and have already curated our favorites for you in Triple Scoop-exclusive genres like Fashion, Weddings, Celebrations, and more!

Triple Scoop Grammy & Emmy award winning artists

Triple Scoop Music has been providing world-class music to creative professionals since 2006. They have a diverse and impressive catalog of songs from Grammy & Emmy award-winning artists.

Top photographers who have been using Triple Scoop Music to power their Animoto videos for quite sometime include:

  • Tamara Lackey
  • Blair Phillips
  • Marcus Bell
  • Lori Nordstrom
  • Vicki Taufer
  • Kirk Voclain
  • Kevin Kubota
  • Sandy Puc’

We’re confident these songs will make your videos even more amazing.

Whether you’re a professional photographer creating videos of clients, a small business owner marketing yourself, or someone who wants to remember and share life through powerful and emotive video, Triple Scoop Music will help you create something spectacular with Animoto.

Take a moment to listen to some Triple Scoop Music samples in our library for free