Product Updates

Our Pro Music Library Adds 50 New Commercially Licensed Songs!

Becky Brooks


We’re committed as ever to providing you with the best commercially licensed music for your business marketing videos.

Here are our favorite new additions to our Pro Music Library.

New “Family Fun” Genre Songs:

Rebel America – All Good (Touch the Sky)

Matteo – Golden Days

Allazan – I’m Sitting On Top of the World

Jeffery Paul Ciampa – Better Together

New” Singer Songwriter” Genre Songs

Abby Payne – Everything

Jeffery Paul Ciampa – Stay With Me

Jeffery Paul Ciampa – A Rain Dance

Gary G. – Summer State of Mind

C. Calvert – Something Special

Wade – Blur Into Beauty

Other Great Tunes:

Allazan – Good Times – Romantic Genre

J. Dennis – Happy Together – Pop Genre

Awesome, right? Try one out when you create your next video.