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New! Marketing Video Storyboards for Photographers

Moira West


Updated on March 15, 2018

If you’ve haven’t had time to explore our new Marketing Video Builder and figure out how everything works, we’ve got a shortcut for you: new pre-built storyboards, designed just for photographers.

New! Marketing Video Storyboards for Photographers

With options for behind-the-scenes videos, save-the-date slideshows, social media ads, and more, these starter templates are based on videos by pro photographers like Sue Bryce, Vanessa Joy, and Peter Hurley. Just plug in your own content to make the videos your own, and you’re in business. Take a look at how it works:

Once you’ve got storyboard basics down, check out our photography templates below to find one that’s the right fit for your needs.

Headshots Social Ad

Get your work seen and attract new customers with this bold, stylish headshot portrait promo.

Behind the Scenes

Book new clients by showing what a photo shoot feels like using soft transitions that have a flare of glamour.

Senior Session Promo

Attract more high school seniors on social media by showcasing your photographs with this fresh and fun design.

Top 5 List

Hook viewers with a quick, punchy list with bold text that’ll stand out on social media and inspire engagement.

Save the Date

Tell the story of your client’s upcoming nuptials in a succinct, share-worthy video that uses collages and text on video clips.

Social Media Ad

Showcase your brand in 30 seconds or less using attention-grabbing collages and text that stands out on social.

In each storyboard, you can change your text to match your video, or adjust colors and fonts to fit your brand, but the basics of using those storyboards involve simply dragging and dropping your own content—similar to how you’d create a video using Animoto Memories. And in a few minutes you can have your own branded marketing video—ready help you impress clients and stand out online.

Have you used our new storyboards yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Or if you want more info on how to create a video using Animoto Marketing, check out our post on making your first Animoto video.