Spotlight on Business: Using Video to Elicit Emotion

Megan O'Neill


Emotion is powerful in marketing; some of the most effective and memorable campaigns are those that make your heart swell with joy or your eyes well up with tears – and there’s no better tool for eliciting emotion than video. We spoke with Traci Jones, Communications Specialist at the South Metro Health Alliance (SMHA), a nonprofit alliance of organizations serving the underserved population in Arapahoe and Douglas Counties of Colorado, to find out how they’re using video to emote and promote their cause.

Traci first started using Animoto several years ago, while working for a photographer. She tells us, “It was so user- and cost-friendly that I began to investigate what could be done with videos at SMHA. Video can often portray so much more than the written word. It’s great to use visuals and music to make information more accessible, personal, entertaining, and to evoke emotion that could lead to action.”

An Animoto video on the SMHA About page, and the organization also creates videos to feature for sharing on Facebook and Twitter, as well as works with their members to create videos on their behalf. Here’s an example they created for a nonprofit collaboration called Healing Our Youth: Get Educated!

SMHA also used Animoto for a fundraising event in February earlier this year called Hearts for Hope. Not only did they create a fantastic overview video in which they asked members about what hope means to them, but they also created videos about specific individuals that were being honored at the fundraiser. You can view all the videos on the event website.

Traci told us, “Video allowed us to tell their unique stories in a way that captured everyone’s hearts. People told us that it was one of the most inspiring events they had been to, and we know the videos were a major part in that.”

How are you using video to evoke emotion? Share your links with us in the comments.

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