Our Top 6 Songs for Party and Event Recap Videos

Moira West


When you’re creating a video recap of an important party or event, the right song can help re-create the mood. There are thousands of tunes that are perfect for any kind of event or party in Animoto’s music library, but we’ve put together a list of our favorites to get the party started. Listen to the songs in the video below, and then search the title or artist to find them in our music library.

  1. “Shake This Party Up” by Curious
  2. “Family Travels” by Kristian Sensini
  3. “The Big Happy” by Henry Parsley and Louis Edwards
  4. “Boom Boom” by Alex Von
  5. “The Wedding Day” by Michael Maina
  6. “You Lift Me Up” (Hot AC Mix) by Mikey Wax

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