Promoting Happy Hour Specials with Video

Lauren Colman

Promoting Happy Hour Specials with Video

Restaurant promotions offer a way to reach both new and existing customers. Creating a video of happy hour or seasonal specials is an inexpensive way to keep customers coming back and encouraging new customers to stop in to try something new.

Keep your video short and include images of the food or drink you are running a special on. You’d be surprised how having a photo of the food will drive up sales on that item. Add your company’s logo to the beginning and end of the video and include a slide that has contact information.

Check out these easy and affordable ways to distribute your video both online and off.

Social Media

Do you change your specials weekly or monthly? Consider posting a video showing off your delicious food and special pricing on your business Facebook and Twitter profiles. Facebook recently reported that an average of more than 1 billion video views on Facebook every day. Take advantage of the trend and create anticipation by uploading a video of specials every week/month.


Embed your video in a regularly scheduled email. Keep your returning customers updated on your specials as well as any upcoming events or other promotions with a newsletter. Use an email marketing tool like MailChimp or Constant Contact to easily embed your video in an email you can send to your customers.


If you have enough content, consider adding your video of specials to a looping video in your establishment. Show a YouTube playlist or add the Animoto channel on your Roku. Combine this video with videos you made of customer testimonials or special events.

Are you new to Animoto? Find out how it works and sign up here.