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Getting Started with Real Estate Video: 8 Tips



You know that video helps sell properties like nothing else, but do you know how to create a video that potential buyers actually want to watch?

Refer to these tips as you market your next listing, and you’ll end up with a quality, professional video.

1. Use a descriptive title

A good title communicates essential information about a property to potential clients and entices them to watch. Highlight important characteristics of the property or neighborhood. For example, “Classic Colonial with 4 BR/2 Baths” or “Spanish Style Flat in Garden District.”

2. Pick the right video template

Animoto offers a variety of video templates for real estate. Choose from real estate listing, agent testimonial, property listing, or real estate explainer to get started easily.

3. Include your logo and contact information

When creating videos to promote your real estate listings on social media and beyond, it's important to include contact information so potential buyers, renters, or sellers know how to get in touch with you. Add a text block that includes your name and phone number, email, or however you'd like to be contacted. You can also add a logo block or watermark to keep your video on brand.

4. Use a compelling cover image

The cover image is your chance to make a great first impression. This thumbnail will appear on your video’s player page, and as the featured image when you share it to Facebook. Select the strongest exterior shot, or an image that showcases the property’s best quality.

5. Caption your video

Include useful information like square footage and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You can also use descriptive text to highlight specific selling points or point out details in a photo. This is an especially useful tip if you're sharing your real estate video to social media, where the majority of people will be watching without sound. Text can help viewers understand your video without having to turn on the sound.

6. Choose music that fits the property

Instrumental pieces are typically the best choice for professional videos. With a Pro account, you get access to thousands of approved-for-business Triple Scoop Music songs, including many instrumental tracks.

Don’t forget to keep your target buyer in mind. If the property in question is luxurious and expensive, perhaps forgo the electronica in favor of a more classical and sophisticated piano piece.

If you're looking for inspiration, check out our post on our top songs for real estate videos.

7. Insert a call-to-action button

The call-to-action button appears at the end of your video and whenever the video is paused when you share an Animoto link. Link directly to your listing’s primary website or to your own homepage. Access this useful feature via the video play page when logged into your Animoto account. Simply click on "Advanced Actions" to add call-to-action text and a link.

8. Explore the many sharing options

You’ve made a fantastic video; now you need to make sure it reaches the right people. Animoto offers export options to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, among others, and you can always download your video too. Display the video on the listing’s web page, on your social media channels, on your own homepage, and more.

You're ready to get started! Make a real estate video and see what video can do for your business.