Easily Add Your Animoto Video to Squarespace

Lauren Colman


At Animoto, we want to make it super simple for you to use your videos on your website. Why? Pretty simple. Videos make websites better. They’ve been proven to boost your site’s SEO, keep people on your site longer, and increase stronger sales conversion.

Easily Add Your Animoto Video to Squarespace

Now, thanks to Squarespace, it’s easier than ever before to use your Animoto video on the site. Simply copy and paste the play page link into a Squarespace video block and your video will be instantly embedded on your page. No more dealing with long, complicated HTML embed codes. Simply copy and paste your video’s URL, and you’re done!

Easily Add Your Animoto Video to Squarespace

Squarespace is an excellent website provider for photographers and businesses alike. From designers creating the next generation of web and mobile experiences, to anyone managing their own online presence for the first time, Squarespace provides elegant solutions that set new standards for online publishing.

For a limited time, they’re offering Animoto users 10% off of an annual subscription. Check it out and see how easy it is.