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Storyboard templates that make it easy to get started

Twitter video ad

Animoto's Bite-sized Product Intro is a great way to usher in your latest line. The short video uses just a few images to create a compelling Twitter ad that'll build hype for your new products and engage prospective customers.

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Blog teaser video

Promote your latest blog posts with a quick video. Feature your own photos and video clips or use our Getty Images stock library. Add text that highlights key points from the post and points them back to your blog for more information.

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Event video invitation

Get Twitter buzzing about your next event. Use the Event RSVP storyboard to create a fun promotional video that drives sign-ups and builds anticipation. Add your event hashtag to the video to help it spread across Twitter even faster.

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Sizing your Twitter video

  1. Video aspect ratioTwitter gives you the ability to upload horizontal or square videos. And Animoto lets you easily convert any video to landscape or square aspect ratios, so your video will look its best.
  2. Video LengthKeeping your videos on the short side will not only save you hard drive space, it'll keep you under Twitter's 512MB limit. Try to keep videos under 2 minutes and upload Twitter-friendly MP4 files to stay on track. If you've got a longer video to share, you can still post it as a link rather than as a native video that'll autoplay in your audience's feeds.
  3. HD resolutionTwitter allows you to upload videos with resolutions up to 1920x1200. Start each Animoto project off right by dragging and dropping your own high-quality photos and video clips into the dashboard. Share a 1080p video to give your audience an HD-video experience.

Setting up ad campaigns on Twitter

  1. Identify your objectivesEvery new video ad campaign starts with an objective. And like Facebook ads, Twitter gives you an endless number of ways to enhance your ads to meet the goals you want. Optimize for tweet engagements, brand awareness, website clicks and conversions, or any number of other metrics. Understanding your Twitter objective from the beginning will also help you select the right Animoto storyboard template for your project.
  2. Twitter video ad typesThe most popular video types for Twitter ads are promoted videos and pre-roll ads. Both can be up to 10 minutes long, but most users won't watch a Twitter video for longer than 30 seconds. That's why it's important to get your message across right away and include eye-catching visuals that'll encourage viewers to watch a bit longer.
  3. Audience targetingChoose the right audience for your video ad using Twitter's advanced audience targeting feature. Select which user should see your ad based on specific users characteristics, including behaviors, keywords used in past tweets, and other expressed interest. Then upload your Animoto video and publish your ad.

Best practices for creating videos for Twitter

  1. Keep videos shortEven though 73% of Twitter users aren't bothered by video ads, they still don't want to watch for long. Whether it's an organic or paid post, focus on keeping your content brief and your calls to action clear.
  2. Include eye-catching textAdding text to your video has never been easier. Animoto gives you the option to overlay text anywhere on the screen. Use attention-grabbing text effects to make sure viewers receive your message, even if they have their sound off.
  3. Add people to your videoCountless studies have proven that showing peoples' faces in video ads helps increase clicks and conversions. Help Twitter users put a face to your brand and they'll start identifying you as a business they can trust.

Case study

How Video Wins out over Twitter Surveys

We conducted an A/B test to see if video could compete against one of Twitter's most engaging ad types: the survey. So we ran two ads promoting our presence at a conference. The first ad featured a survey and the second featured a short Animoto video. While both formats drove engagement, the video ad was the clear winner, with 3.2x the engagement rate and 53% greater reach when compared to the survey.


more reach



It's never been easier

How to make a video for Twitter with Animoto

  1. Select a storyboard template or start from scratch
  2. Upload your photos and video clips or choose from our library of Getty Images stock library
  3. Personalize by changing colors, music, and text and adding your logo watermark
  4. Produce and share your video on Twitter in just one click

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