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How to create marketing videos with Animoto

It’s easy to create professional marketing videos using content you already have with Animoto. Here’s a quick rundown of DIY marketing video basics to help you get started with your own videos for Facebook, Instagram, and more.

1. Choose a storyboard or start from scratch

Log into Animoto and select the blue CREATE button in the corner of your screen.
When you start your marketing video project, you'll see a selection of our pre-built storyboard templates. Click on each storyboard to see how it looks and get a short written description. Once you find a storyboard you like, click on the blue CHOOSE STORYBOARD button to get started. If you'd prefer to create a video without a storyboard, select START FROM SCRATCH in the upper-right-hand corner instead.

Pro tip

Check the icons at the top of the page to find even more storyboard options, including video templates for sharing a product or telling a story.

2. Upload photos and video clips

To add in your photos, video clips, and logo, select the “Media” icon from the toolbar on the left-hand side of your screen—it’ll be the icon at the top of the tool bar. You can then upload photos and video clips from your computer.

3. Drag and drop your content

Once you’ve added visuals to your Media tray, just drag and drop them into the storyboard blocks, replacing the storyboard photos and video clips with your own content.

Pro tip

Photo, video, and text blocks are all interchangeable, so go ahead and drop photos into video blocks or delete an image from a photo block to turn it into a text block.

4. Add or change text

Quickly add or adjust text by selecting the “T” icon on the bottom part of the block you want to change; then, edit the text however you like. You can also select “See More” at the bottom of the block to view more text options, including ways to change the size, position, and color of your text. Want to learn more about our text features? Check out the text tutorial in our Resource Center.

5. Timing controls for photos and video clips

On the lower left-hand-side of each block is a number, representing the number of seconds a block will appear onscreen. For photo or text blocks, click this number to adjust that block's timing. When you click, you’ll see plus and minus signs, which you can use to increase or decrease the length of the block. For video clips, click the same area on a video block, then click the TRIM button. A slide tool will appear, which will let you change where a video clip starts and stops.

6. Change your music

If you want to choose a different song for your video, click the “Music” icon at the bottom of the tool tray to the left. From there, click CHANGE SONG to reach our Music Library. You’ll see a few of the most popular songs for your style or storyboard, along with a BROWSE FULL LIBRARY button that’ll take you to our full song collection and an UPLOAD SONG button, which lets you add your own music to your video. Take a look at our Resource Center's music tutorial for more information.

7. Preview your video

If you want to see a block of your video in action, hover over it, and it’ll begin to autoplay. You can also click SEE MORE and preview a block while in Edit Mode. To preview your whole video, click the gray PREVIEW button in the upper-right-hand side of your screen.

8. Produce your video

After you click the PREVIEW button and review your video, you can click the blue PRODUCE button to finalize it. Your video will begin rendering at four different resolutions. You can view your video at up to 720p in the Animoto player, or you can download an even higher resolution 1080p version that can be viewed from your computer or shared on social media.

9. Share your video

Once you finalize your video, you can share it in several ways. Post directly to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media sites, email or message your video to coworkers or customers, or embed your video on your website. Check out our tutorial on sharing your video to learn more.

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