Online webcam recorder

Animoto's webcam recording makes it easy for anyone to record their webcam online. It's fast, it's free, and there's no software for you to download.

Make a human connection

Speak directly to your audience. Your message means more when your viewers can hear it in your voice.

Showcase your brand

Easily apply your font, colors, and logo and keep your brand at top of mind for viewers.

Do it yourself

Create videos on your time. Record and share from anywhere, no equipment or film crews necessary.

Free online webcam recorder

Connect with your audience with webcam video recordings. With Animoto, you can create as many recordings as you need. Resize your videos in square, landscape, and vertical formats for any platform. Then easily edit, crop, and stitch together your videos.

Easily record and share webcam recordings

Record your webcam

Speak directly to your viewers and add a personal touch to trainings, presentations, and more. Record your webcam and explain concepts like you would in person. Animoto makes it easy to build a personal connection and communicate clearly and effectively with any audience.

Record your screen

Show your audience exactly what they need to see and communicate like you're in the same room. Screen recordings allow you to take complex processes and explain them in a step-by-step manner that keeps your audience engaged throughout your video.

Record your camera and screen together

Show and tell with simultaneous recording. Tell your audience what they need to know. Show them what they need to see. No room for confusion or miscommunication. Ideal for recording presentations, product walkthroughs, and demonstrations.


Select your recording type and create your recording. You can record yourself, your screen, or both simultaneously.


Edit your recordings, add text and transitions, even apply music. Then resize your video in landscape, square, or vertical formats.

Share and impress

Share with a link, download your video, or use our integrated social & email tools.

More than just a webcam recorder

Use webcam recordings across your organization

Product Demos
Sales Outreach
Customer Support
Meeting Recaps
Executive Comms

Webcam recorder FAQs

Start recording today

Create and share videos for free. Upgrade anytime for more customization.

We're here to help you create professional videos

As you get started making videos, we're here to help along the way! Join other businesses just like yours in the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook. Our team of video experts is ready to help you grow with tips, ideas, inspiration, and feedback on your videos