Add text to video

Over 80% of video is watched without sound, and text is absolutely essential for getting your message across. Animoto makes it quick and easy to add text to video. 

The easy way to add text to video

Add text to your videos quickly and easily with Animoto. Ideal for social media content, presentations, or personal projects, our platform simplifies the process. Just a few clicks let you enhance your videos with customizable text. Choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and styles to suit your needs. With Animoto, adding text to video is straightforward, helping you to communicate your message effectively. Begin creating your text-enhanced videos today!

How to add text to video

  1. Choose a template or start from scratch. Templates give you a starting point. If you already have your video, or prefer a completely clean slate, start from scratch.
  2. Add your text. Animoto makes it easy to customize the size, font, colors, and position of your message for maximum impact.
  3. Select text animations that help your text stand out for your audience.
  4. Share your video with built-in tools, including downloading, hosted links, and direct social sharing.

Tell your story with text on video

Customize your text

Tailor your message to perfection with Animoto's text customization options. From a wide selection of fonts to a variety of colors and sizes, you can make your text truly your own. Whether you're aiming for a professional look or something more creative and personal, our tools allow you to match the text with your video's mood and style. Add text to your video that resonates with your vision and enhances your message.

Add text animations

Bring your videos to life with dynamic text animations in Animoto. Adding animated text to your video not only captures attention but also adds a professional touch. Choose from a range of animation styles - from subtle fades to eye-catching pops. These simple yet powerful animations can significantly increase viewer engagement and make your key messages stand out. Start adding animated text to your videos and see the difference it makes.

Reach your audience

Connect with your audience more effectively by adding text to your videos. Text in videos can help convey your message clearly, ensuring it reaches and resonates with your viewers. Whether it’s a call to action, an important announcement, or a powerful quote, text can emphasize your key points and make your content more accessible. Use Animoto to add text to your video and communicate with your audience in a more impactful way.

Go beyond adding text to video

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