Add a logo watermark to your videos

Create professional videos promoting your brand. Own your story with custom logo watermarks.

Brand your videos with a watermark

Gain more brand awareness by adding a professional logo watermark to your videos in just a few clicks. It's easy to upload and add your logo to the corner of your marketing videos.

Step 1

Upload your logo

Click the Design button at the top of the workspace. Then select the Watermark tab within your Design Settings. Click upload to add your logo. Make sure it’s at least 800 pixels in length on its longest side so it won’t appear pixelated in your video.

Step 2

Adjust size, transparency, and position

Next, adjust your logo to complement the content of your video. Select the size, position, and transparency from the three dropdown menus.

Step 3

Review your video

Click the blue play button to watch your video. Make any final adjustments, and click export to share or download.

On-brand video

See how a watermark can promote your brand

A logo watermark helps you build brand recognition with every video view. The video below is designed to encourage sharing, and the watermark ensures that viewers associate the brand with the content.

Brand recognition with every view

Build authority

A recognizable logo is an important part of brand building. Adding your watermark to videos will help people identify your brand and let you build trust with potential customers.

Demonstrate professionalism

Watermarks make your content look more professional, plain and simple. You’ll have a distinct advantage over your competitors who aren’t using watermarks in their videos.

Stand out in social ads

Even if viewers have their sound turned off, they’ll still be able to associate your ads with your brand, thanks to your watermark.

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