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6 Holiday Instagram Story Ideas for Your Business

Megan O'Neill


The holidays are just around the corner. And we’ve put together a collection of ways to use Instagram Stories for your business this holiday season.


The holidays are ripe with opportunity to connect with your audience—and drive sales. Use IG Stories to promote a Flash sale, show your customers you’re thankful for them, or simply spread some holiday cheer.

Holiday Instagram Story Ideas

Check out our holiday Story ideas below. Each idea includes an example, created with one of our easy to customize holiday video templates. For even more ways to use video this holiday season, head over to our 2020 holiday marketing calendar.

PRO TIP: Use the Ratio feature from the top menu bar of your Animoto projects to resize any template to a Vertical 9:16 ratio. Doing so will optimize your video for mobile full screen viewing in IG stories.

Any of these ideas can also be shared with your Facebook audience as well through Facebook Stories! Check out our Facebook Stories guide to learn more.

Holiday Ad

One of the best ways to reach new customers is by running a paid ad in Instagram Stories. Paid advertising lets you reach a wide targeted audience of potential customers. Plus, it gives you access to the swipe up feature, even if you don’t have 10,000 followers.

Check out our Holiday Promotion template to easily make ads for IG Stories. Use our text as a guide to your message and upload any photography or video clips that you have on hand. Then fill in any blanks by browsing the Animoto stock media library, which is chock-full of festive images.

Check out our guide to targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram to learn how to get your Instagram Stories ad set up.

Flash Sale

Because Instagram Stories are only live for 24 hours, they offer the perfect opportunity for a flash sale! Reward your loyal followers by sharing a special 24-hour promo. Include a promo code in your Story, or put some spend behind it to get access to the swipe up feature.

Here’s an example, created by making just a simple text edit to the Cyber Monday template.

Holiday Event Promotion

Hosting a holiday event? Share a quick promo in your Instagram Story to let your followers know. Here’s an example created with the Holiday Event template. Use stock images or upload images from a similar event you’ve done in the past.

BONUS IDEA: After your event is over, create a recap to share to your Stories. Don’t forget to take pictures during the event so you’ve got something to show off!

Holiday Quote

Spread a little holiday cheer with a short quote. We made this using the Inspiring Quote template in our iOS app and a few general holiday images.

Holiday quote Story for Instagram

Behind The Scenes

Looking for a way to stand out from the competition and get holiday shoppers to buy from you? Going behind the scenes to show off what makes your products special is a wonderful way to showcase value. That’s what the Behind the Scenes template in our iOS app is designed for!


Customer Call Out

The holiday season—and especially Thanksgiving—is a great time of year to show appreciation for your loyal customers. Use our Customer Thank You Card template to create a Story featuring a burst of festive images. Or, try compiling photos a burst of photos that your customers have shared featuring your brand or products that you have from throughout the year.

Holiday Instagram Story Design

Looking for ways to give you Instagram Stories more of a holiday feel? There are a few easy ways to do this using the Design Settings tab from the upper left menu bar of any Animoto project.

Use holiday colors

Dress up your Stories for the holidays by going outside of your typical brand color palette and using colors that are a little more festive. Need a little help? We’ve put together a few color palettes for your holiday marketing needs.


Use holiday imagery

You can also give your Instagram Stories a holiday feel by using holiday-related imagery. If you don’t have images of your own, not to worry! Try using stock photos. We’ve got a collection of stock photos from Getty Images available in both our desktop and iOS app. Simply search for holiday-related terms to find the right pictures for your holiday Stories.

Get Started

Ready to start creating your own holiday Instagram Stories? Merry video making!