New! Getty Images Photos & Video Clips in Animoto Marketing

Megan O'Neill


We are beyond excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Getty Images, a world leader in visual communications, to offer a brand new stock library in Animoto Marketing. Over 1 million stock photos and video clips are now available as a part of your existing Animoto Professional or Business account, at no extra charge.

Stock photos and videos can be accessed easily from any Animoto Marketing project. Start a new project or, if you’d like, go back in and add stock to a video you’ve already created and want to update with a fresh new look. Simply search for terms related to what you’re looking for and drag and drop the images and video clips you find directly into your Animoto video project.

Your Animoto account just got even more valuable

Why are we so excited about stock? Well, we’re sure it’s going to help you create more videos in less time for less money. If you’ve used stock for videos in the past, you know how much time it can take to leave Animoto to find the image you need, purchase and download, and then bring it back into your video project.

Now all of that is built right into Animoto Marketing. All you need is yourself and an idea and you can create a video in minutes. Read on to learn how to get started.

Step 1: Start an Animoto Marketing Project

Log in to your Animoto account and click CREATE. Choose “Animoto Marketing” and start creating your marketing video.

Create a Marketing Video

Step 2: Find “STOCK” and start searching

Select “STOCK” from the Media tray. Type in your search terms, then click Enter or the blue magnifying glass to search our library of 1.1 million Getty images and videos.

Getty Images Stock in Animoto

Step 3: Add stock to your video

Once you’ve discovered an image or video clip you like, just drag and drop it into a block to add it to your project. Add as many as you’d like!

Drag-and-Drop Video Editing

With over 1 million stock photos and video clips at your fingertips, what video will you create first? Click below to get started and share your videos with us in the comments!