Beautiful videos, on the go

Turn the photos and videos on your camera roll into high-quality videos, with just a few taps. Create, view, and share your videos from right from your iPhone, or on

How it works

Choose your photos

Grab your photos straight from your camera roll. You can add video clips too. Add photos from a specific event, a vacation, an outing with friends and family, your pet, or anything else you’ve got on your phone!

Pick a style and song

Choose a video background style. There’s plenty to choose from. Then, add a song to fit the occasion. Everything in our music library is already licensed for use, so all you have to do is pick your tune.

Narrate your story

Set the stage for your video in the "Intro" and "Outro." Next, add some captions for your photos. It could be a fun piece of dialogue or just a word to describe a place or object. Use your creativity!

Share away

Send your video through email or text message. Or, share them through social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. How’s that for easy sharing?

Upload assets to marketing videos

Using our Marketing Video Builder? With our iPhone and iPad apps you can easily upload photos and video clips from your phone to existing marketing video projects, and finish editing them on the web.

Try Animoto for iPad

Enjoy even more creative control over your video with our iPad app. See twice the number of photos, video clips, and title cards, all at once, on the iPad’s bigger screen. Plus, higher resolution previews are twice as large, so you can make sure your story comes across exactly the way you want.