Which is more powerful: sharing your business’ story in your own words, or fitting the same information into line upon line of captions?

Voice-Over How To BRANDED

Follow these steps to add a voice-over to a video for your business:

Create Your Video

Upload images and video clips, add title slides, and rearrange as necessary. Need help? Find out how to get started creating your first video.

Take note, our video maker requires you to select or upload a song in order to preview the video. Typically, you’ll choose a commercially-licensed song from our music library to accompany your creation, but since you’ll be uploading your own audio file, don’t worry about song selection right now.

It’s worthwhile to consider the Best Fit feature here. If you enable this feature, the video maker will automatically set your image pacing to fill the entire song you selected.

Preview Your Video

If you need to make any changes, make them now now. Be sure the video style you selected fits your business, and you like how everything looks.

Practice your voice-over script while playing the Preview. Does it match up well? If not, now’s the time to adjust the image pacing and shorten or lengthen the video if you find that you have too much or too little to say.

Record Your Voice-Over Before You Produce Your Video

While you have your Animoto video in Preview mode, go ahead and record your voice-over while you watch the preview of your video, just like when you practiced.

There are a variety of free apps and programs that allow you to record and export your voice. Just don’t forget to mute the video’s sound if you don’t want music playing in the background.

Save Your Voice-Over File as an MP3

Before you save, don’t forget that if you’re using the Best Fit feature, you’ll want the length of your voice-over and the length of the song you chose previously to be the same. Leaving a few extra seconds on your voice recording or cutting it off too early could alter your image pacing and make it more difficult to match your voice to your photos.

If you’re using a program that allows you to select the type of file your recording will be saved as, just pick the .mp3 file extension and you’re all set. If your program saves the file as something else, you can convert it to an MP3 using an online converter or iTunes.

Check our video size FAQ for full details about the types and sizes of files you can upload to Animoto.

Upload Your Voice-Over to Animoto

Close out the preview window and upload your new file by clicking on the current song title near the top of your screen.

Preview the video again to make sure everything looks and sounds the way you want it to, especially if you have Best Fit enabled. You’ll know it’s time to hit Produce when you love what you see.

Watch this example of a video with voice-over:

Gus Sits with Voice-Over

Create a Video with Voice Over

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