YouTube marketing made easy with Animoto

We worked with YouTube to create our newest storyboards—marketing video templates designed to help you create YouTube ads that stand out. Find out how to customize them to fit your brand and business.

Create professional YouTube marketing videos

Select one of our new storyboards, add your own content, and then customize with different fonts, transitions, and colors to keep your video looking sharp and on brand. In minutes, you can have an eye-catching marketing video for your business that’s designed to draw attention on YouTube.

YouTube Tutorial

Need help getting started? Check out our guide to learn, not just the basics of using YouTube ads, but how to create quick, effective video ads that hook customers and keep them watching.

YouTube pre-built storyboards

The simple way to create video ads for YouTube.

It’s been proven: video is the most effective way to engage leads and convert prospects into customers. And pre-built storyboards make video creation easy.

Just select a storyboard, replace the content with your own photos and video clips, customize the text to suit your needs, and send your published video directly to YouTube when you’re done, all from your Animoto account.