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We are Wildness
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The Goal

Growing and strengthening an online community

We Are Wildness is a media company, looking to help people all over the world to reconnect with nature. To do that, they wanted to develop a larger, more involved community online. Since video has been proven to get more reach and engagement on Facebook, We Are Wildness decided to focus their efforts on creating videos to help them get their message out.

Though they'd dabbled in other video editing software, We Are Wildness didn’t have enough employees who were professionally-trained editors. Plus, with traditional video editing software, music was a separate expense, adding to the cost for each video the company made. They turned to Animoto as an easy, cost-efficient alternative.

Video Details:

Product: Marketing Video

Style: Hi-Rise

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Product: Marketing Video

Style: Hi-Rise

The Solution

Launching a social media challenge with video

To make it easier to create video content regularly, We Are Wildness signed up for Animoto. “The video editor is super simple and easy to use,” Alissa Wild, the company’s founder, shared. In addition, songs in Animoto’s music library are licensed, meaning the company could a different song in each video without increasing their costs.

The company started slowly, creating a few short quote videos that got some traction on social media, but it wasn’t long before they got more ambitious. They developed a challenge called Rewild Your Life, which encouraged people to spend a half an hour outside each day for a month. For the launch of the challenge, We Are Wildness made an Animoto video using stock video footage, licensed music from the Animoto music library, and text explaining what participants should do. Then, they shared the video on their social media accounts, relying on community members to share it and get the word out.

"Animoto makes video marketing easy. It’s easy to select between square and landscape ratio videos, choose a storyboard, add text and branding, and choose suitable music from the selection that Animoto provides."

– Alissa Wild, Founder

The Results

A growing, impassioned community

Five videos later, We Are Wildness has racked up 101,441 views and 1044 shares. Their Facebook community has seen impressive growth since the challenge launched with their Animoto video, bolting past the 5K member mark, and motivating thousands of people to spend more time outdoors each day.

Key Takeaways

Promote social media events with video

Add visuals with stock video clips and images

Create a call to action that encourages share

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