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Discover how this auto dealership used video to connect with buyers on Facebook Messenger.

Thornhill Automotive Group
Auto Dealership
The Goal

Pique interest and drive car sales

Thornhill Automotive Group is an automobile dealer located in Chapmanville, West Virginia. Having had success with traditional TV ads in the past, the automotive company was looking for a way to incorporate video into their marketing efforts on social media. The business wanted to see what Facebook video could do for them. To pique interest and drive sales during their annual President’s Day Sale, they decided to give video a try.

Video Details:

Product: Marketing Video

Style: Bold

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Product: Marketing Video

Style: Bold

The Solution

Increase engagement with Facebook video

Pairing content from an older campaign with photos and video clips shot on a mobile device, Thornhill Automotive Group created a thumb-stopping video ad for Facebook in minutes. Their 18-second Animoto Marketing video featured bold, eye-catching text designed to stand out on social, and the ad included a “Send Message” call-to-action button that encouraged viewers to contact the business to learn about the dealership’s President’s Day offer. Much more cost effective than a traditional TV or radio commercial, the video ad cost $300 to promote in Facebook Ads Manager. By creating the video themselves, Thornhill Automotive Group was able to save on the time and money they would have needed to outsource the video ads.

The Results

Generate interest and drive conversations

With Animoto Marketing, Thornhill Automotive Group created a video that encouraged viewers to interact with their business page, giving the business direct access to potential customers, and bringing them closer to a sale. In fact, the video led 31 interested consumers to reach out to the business via Facebook Messenger. In addition to receiving 78 reactions on Facebook, the video was shared 21 times, expanding their reach in the local area. And since the video led viewers to Facebook Messenger, it allowed potential clients to interact with the business right from their mobile device, no matter where they were, and gave the automotive company the opportunity to get buyers talking to sales staff sooner.

The business’s video also equipped the sales staff with share-worthy content they could post in their own network, further amplifying sales for the dealership.

Key Takeaways

Boost interest in promos and special offers with Facebook video

Use bold, eye-catching text to create thumb-stopping video content

Get direct access to potential clients with Facebook messenger

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