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Tamara Lackey shares how she uses video slideshows to make an impact and drive sales.

Tamara Lackey
Portrait Photographer
The Goal

Evoking emotion through video to drive sales

The first impression is important. That’s why portrait photographer Tamara Lackey uses Animoto. She wants the first time a client sees their photos to be powerful. She wants the photos to be backed by music, to evoke emotion, and to tell a story in a way that makes the images really matter to the client.

Tamara has been using Animoto for more than five years. She always tried to incorporate slideshows into her business but, before Animoto, they took her hours to create. She grew to dislike making slideshow videos so much that she often wouldn’t create them for clients, as much as they helped with sales.

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Product: Slideshow Video

Style: Innocence

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Product: Slideshow Video

Style: Innocence

The Solution

Building anticipation and desire with video

With the help of Animoto’s Slideshow Video Builder, Tamara now creates videos for every client, featuring the photos from their shoot. She emails them a link to their video and asks them to view it on a large screen with the sound turned up (to ensure they’ll get the emotional effect of the music). She leaves the link live for two to three days before taking it down, just before they come into her studio for their sales session. Removing the link ensures that clients stay excited about their photos and don’t watch the video so many times that they get tired of seeing them. “I want them to come in, sit down, and be ready to purchase because they don’t want to part with these images,” she says.

It’s all in the delivery. And delivering her client their images with an Animoto slideshow has definitely impacted sales for Tamara. “You’ll see your sales go up that much more when you deliver your photographs professionally with an Animoto slideshow. And it pays for itself. You’ll pay for a yearly subscription within the first session or two.”

"Animoto slideshows make such an impact on my clients. And it makes my life easier and makes me look better. It’s a no-brainer!"

– Tamara Lackey, Portrait Photographer

Attracting new clients' attention with video

Tamara used to send an email to all of her clients, educating them on what to wear before their photo shoot. Recently, she began using our Marketing Video Builder to create videos to communicate this message. Not only do her clients love getting the videos in email, but they’re also great for sharing with friends and family on social media, which helps Tamara attract new business.

Key Takeaways

Use video to tease in-person sales sessions

Evoke emotion with music and storytelling

Attract attention with educational videos

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