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Adding text to videos helped this dessert shop increase sales by 43%.

Dessert Shop
The Goal

Improving videos with text

Snoice is a dessert shop located in San Diego, California that specializes in shaved snow, boba tea, and Halo-halo, a popular Filipino shaved ice dessert. Husband and wife owners, Jayrell and Dianne Ringpis, had been posting videos to their Facebook and Instagram pages for about nine months, but had never tried adding text to their videos. Knowing that video performs better on Facebook, and that many viewers are watching with the sound off, Jayrell and Dianne wanted to do a test to see what adding text to their videos could do for their business.

Video Details:

Product: Marketing Video

Style: Hi-Rise

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Product: Marketing Video

Style: Hi-Rise

The Solution

A/B testing Facebook ads

Both Dianne and Jayrell have previous experience working at technology companies, so they were familiar with the importance of A/B testing. They were able to set up a test with Facebook Ads Manager to test two versions of the same Animoto video — one with text, shown above, and one without text. They created one ad set with the two variations and put $200 behind it. “I’m always looking for ways to optimize our marketing efforts and testing ad variations is one of my go-tos,” Dianne told us.

"It's important for us to test what actually works for our small business. Animoto made it easy to try out best practices that we've been hearing about and create multiple versions of our video ads for Facebook."

– Jayrell Ringpis, Director of Finance and Operations

The Results

Optimizing spend for text

When the ad campaign came to a close, the video with text was the clear winner. Facebook optimized spend for the text option, putting $186.11 of the $200 towards promoting that video. The text video had 796 reactions, shares, and comments, compared to 12 reactions, shares, and comments on the video without text.

66 people tagged friends in the comments on the video with text, many of them making plans to visit the shop to taste the Halo-halo. And visit the shop they did! Jayrell and Dianne reported that, during the week the ad was running, visits were up 54%, sales were up 43%, and transactions were up 23%.

Continuing to test

In a second A/B test, also pinning a video with text against one without text, text also won.

Key Takeaways

A/B test with Facebook Ads Manager

Use text in videos for social

Create multiple variations of videos

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