This family farm learned effective marketing strategies by placing video ads on YouTube.
The Goal

Reaching the right audience to drive new rental contracts

Rent the Chicken is one of Farmer Joe’s Gardens’ services at their family-owned farm in Northford, Connecticut. Rent the Chicken is a rent-to-own chicken service that provides families with a way to test the waters without a significant investment. The farm wanted to spread the word about their program, so they decided to try a YouTube video ad.

The Solution

Creating a targeted video ad campaign using keywords

The farm’s YouTube video paired photos of current customers with bold, eye-catching text that explained the terms of renting. The video had upbeat music, and a call to action that encouraged viewers to reserve a package. The Rent the Chicken video campaign used targeted keywords related to chickens and farms to ensure the ads would be shown to the right audience. Moreover, they used geolocation targeting to make sure the ad was shown to nearby prospective customers.

To get our money's worth, we needed to know what was working and what wasn't. Placing Animoto ads on YouTube helped us understand where the ads were getting the most engagement, so we could market our services using the right keywords and channels.
Ida DeFrancesco,


The Results

Placing spend behind the right keywords to get attention

Sharing their video ad campaign on YouTube helped Joe and Ida understand how their video ads could get them the most bang for their buck. The farm’s video drove 28K impressions, 5.4K views, and 255 clicks. Specifically, it allowed the business to closely monitor the keywords that worked, and remove low-performing ones. For instance, the couple noticed generic keywords like "chicken hens" did not drive engagement but used a significant portion of their budget. Deactivating that keyword allotted more of their budget to the campaign’s highest-performing keywords like ‘farm chickens for sale near me’ and ‘chicken hens for sale’. Ultimately, this strategy helped them get more bang for their buck. What's more, the video ad gave the couple insight into which YouTube channels were high-performing for their particular type of content.

Key Takeaways

Narrowly target your audience with keywords
Share a text-based video to get attention on YouTube
Place ads using geolocation to reach local viewers

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