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The Goal

Driving sales with video

photoDUDS is a graphic design and business resource providing ready-to-use digital graphics and templates for professional photographers. Historically, the company drives sales by sending promotional emails to prospects and current customers. But, after a series of unsuccessful email promotions, they wanted to experiment with new ways of promoting offers to see if they could develop a new way to generate more sales. “We’d heard that video was a great way to reach both current and new audiences on Facebook, so we decided to give it a try,” says photoDUDS co-owner, Pat Dodd.

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Product: Marketing Video

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Product: Marketing Video

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The Solution

Offering a deal

photoDUDS decided to offer a 30% off discount code on Facebook and promote it with video. They repurposed video from an existing tutorial video, featuring one of their products, and paired it with text, using Animoto, to create this 36-second product marketing video.

Once the video was created, photoDUDS placed an ad using Facebook Ads Manager. They spent $350 to target fans of Professional Photographers of America, Photoshop World, and other professional photography-centric brands, in addition to their existing email list.

"The best way to sell a product is to show it in action. With Animoto, I was able to quickly create a video that actually showed photographers how and why to use our product."

– Pat Dodd, Co-owner

The Results

Getting big time return on investment

“Animoto’s ability to add text over video clips made it easy for me to call out features of our HDR backgrounds product, as well as to highlight before and after results in a way that really stood out,” says Pat. And stand out they did!

The video drove $1,063 in sales — that’s triple photoDUDS’ $350 investment. It reached 5,279 people and led to 30 sales, 44% from current customers and 56% from the new target audience on Facebook.

Why did the video do so well? Targeting new customers definitely helped, but showing the product in action through video played a huge role. It allowed photographers to see how the product worked. Although the promo code was valid for a purchase of any product on the site, 62% of the revenue generated from the ad can be attributed to purchases of the HDR backgrounds that were featured in the video.

Key Takeaways

Reach new potential customers

Provide insight into your product

Boost sales with an offer

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