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See how an Instagram ad led to the highest sales day on record for this local tea room.

Nohohon Tea
Tea Room
The Goal

Boost social following & foot traffic for new location

Nohohon Tea Room is Japanese tea-infused drink shop from Toronto, specializing in matcha-based bubble teas that are hand whisked in traditional style for each order, ensuring maximum freshness, aroma and flavor. They recently opened a new location at St. Mark’s Place in NYC and were looking for ways to boost the new shop’s social following to let NYC locals know they were there.

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Product: Marketing Video

Style: Bold (Square)

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Product: Marketing Video

Style: Bold (Square)

The Solution

Running targeted ad campaigns for Facebook & Instagram

In order to spread the word about their new NYC location, Nohohon turned to Instagram and Facebook and ran a series of targeted video ad campaigns. The videos were created with video clips shot in the store. The video filters feature in our Marketing Video Builder was used to really make their text pop.

Nohohon maximized reach to people that were likely and able to visit the shop in person by using Facebook’s Ads Manager to target people within a 10-15-mile radius of NYC with an interest in bubble tea and matcha. They spent $275 over three campaigns, featuring square Animoto videos, which work nicely within the Instagram and Facebook mobile feeds.

"We made the highest sales on record two days after the ads! It has been busy and several people mentioned the video."

– Nanako Mizutani, Owner

The Results

Boost in sales and Instagram following

As a result of the targeted ad campaigns, Nohohon saw an increase in foot traffic to the store and, two days after the campaigns ran, shop owner Nanako Mizutani told us that they had their highest sales day on record, with several people mentioning that they’d seen the video and been inspired to stop in.

Additionally, the videos shared on Instagram received thousands of views and resulted in a large bump in the number of people following the company. Nohohon had 743 Instagram followers before they posted their videos. As of March 14, 2017, they have 953 Instagram followers - a 28% increase. They also received press coverage in Gothamist and the Village Alliance’s Astor Place.

Key Takeaways

Choose square videos to optimize for mobile & Instagram

Use ad targeting to reach a relevant audience

Use video filters to make your text stand out

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