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Learn how Nikki Closser booked 3 new clients with one marketing video on Facebook.

Nikki Closser
Portrait Photographer
The Goal

Getting the word out about a new studio

Nikki has two studios — one in Seattle, Washington and a new one in Plymouth, Michigan. She wanted to raise awareness of her Michigan studio and add to her clientele there. And since she already had an Animoto subscription, which she frequently uses to create slideshows for her reveal sessions, she decided to try creating marketing videos with our new Marketing Video Builder to help her Michigan business.

Video Details:

Product: Marketing Video

Style: Blank Slate

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Product: Marketing Video

Style: Blank Slate

The Solution

Sharing the emotional impact of a photoshoot with video

Nikki focused on just one client — using images and video footage she already had from a previous session. She was able to craft a tightly edited video, using the collage feature in our Marketing Video Builder to create a mini-narrative in one block and to shorten the run time of her video.

Text overlaid on video clips and images emphasize not only Nikki’s beautiful images, but the way the entire experience made her client feel in a way that would register even if the video was played silently. She was even able to include her client’s quote stating, “I have never felt more beautiful than I did during my photo shoot.”

Once the video was finished, Nikki spent $150 to post it as a video ad on Facebook and another $100 on a post she boosted for featuring the video on her own Facebook page. She targeted women over the age of 50 in both Seattle and Plymouth.

"Animoto’s Marketing Video Builder made it simple for me to create a video that could convey the experience of my photoshoot on social media. One woman said that she saw the video and emailed right away because she knew she had to have photos like that."

– Nikki Closser, Photographer

The Results

Connecting with clients — past, present, and future

By the end of the video’s run, Nikki had received 5 inquiries, 3 referrals, and 3 bookings. With each of these clients spending an average of $2,000 per shoot, that means a $5,500 return on a $250 investment. What’s more, her video was viewed nearly 14,000 times and got both new and old clients to engage with her content, creating connections that may help spur more business in the future.

Key Takeaways

Repurpose existing photos and video clips

Focus on the emotional impact of a photo shoot

Use collages to share multiple images at once

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