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Mighty Leaf Tea used Animoto to quadruple its marketing video output.

Mighty Leaf Tea
Specialty Tea Manufacturer
The Goal

Generating more video content

Mighty Leaf was looking to increase engagement on their social channels and knew that video was a great way to do it. However, they were having trouble creating videos quickly enough, on a scale that was optimized for social. Web producer Cyrus Nemati was creating videos on his own, using Adobe Premier and After Effects. The videos were great, but they took time and, as a result, the company was only able to post one video a month.

Video Details:

Product: Marketing Video

Style: Hi-Rise

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Product: Marketing Video

Style: Hi-Rise

The Solution

Cutting production time with Animoto

In order to cut back on video production time, Mighty Leaf decided to give Animoto’s Marketing Video Builder a try. The first video Cyrus created was a documentary featuring Mighty Leaf's "Tea Master," Eliot Jordan, and his recent trip to Japan. The video was created to post on the Mighty Leaf Facebook page, using photos the company already had on hand.

"Animoto made what little media we did have easily workable into a real narrative and a real showcase of our Tea Master," says Cyrus. "If I were doing this particular video through my regular workflow of Adobe Premiere and After Effects, I imagine the time cost would be significantly more – let's say, Animoto turned a four-hour project into a one-hour project."

"Tea drinking is such a personal experience, and Animoto has given us a whole new way to connect with our customers through videos that bring our story to life."

– Tom Smallhorn, CMO

The Results

Ramping up video initiatives

"I love making video content that audiences really engage with, but anyone will tell you that making high-quality video usually requires a major time commitment," says Cyrus. "With Animoto, we've been able to get off the ground quickly, producing video that's optimized for social platforms that's editable from anywhere. It's been incredibly freeing to speed up our video pipeline without sacrificing quality."

Mighty Leaf's CMO, Tom Smallhorn, agrees. "We now have a way to engage with our customers on social that elicits an emotional response and keeps them coming back." As a result, the marketing team has been able to receive internal approval to move forward with a more comprehensive video marketing initiative.

"Animoto makes video more viable in general for Mighty Leaf," says Cyrus. "Before, I could've easily turned video into a full-time job for myself, but we're a lean operation. With Animoto, we can increase our cadence significantly, planning a video a week, rather than one a month. A 400% increase isn’t so bad!"

Key Takeaways

Save time

Spread brand awareness

Take video production in-house

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