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Discover how this photographer booked 60% more clients with Facebook video ads.

Kristina Houser Photography & Cinema
The Goal

Reaching new potential clients

Kristina Houser is a wedding and portrait photographer and owner of Kristina Houser Photography & Cinema in Tampa Bay. Her studio was attracting a handful of new customers through local Google searches, but most of her business came from referrals. She wanted to expand her reach to bring in more business.

Video Details:

Product: Marketing Video

Style: Bold

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Product: Marketing Video

Style: Bold

The Solution

Targeting with Facebook ads

Kristina decided to experiment with Facebook advertising and, having heard that Facebook favors video in the News Feed, decided to experiment with video as well. The plan was to focus on promoting headshot sessions because of the low entry cost. Clients that come in at a lower price point often return to book shoots with family or come to her for wedding photos. Using Animoto, Kristina’s team was able to create this video quickly and easily.

The video pairs some of their strongest headshot photographs with big, bold, eye-catching text that highlights the benefits of booking a shoot. "We wanted something that felt professional and on-brand, so it was great that we were able to use our own colors for the text to tie it back to the studio," says Kristina. "The collage blocks also made it easy for us to show off a lot of our work at once without the video getting too long."

Once the video was created, it was shared on the company's Facebook page and promoted for $100 using Facebook Ads Manager.

"I have started making more videos with Animoto and I am in love! The ease of making them is incredible and I can't wait to make marketing videos for all genres that we shoot."

– Kristina Houser, Owner, Photographer

The Results

Booking sessions

The studio books 10 headshots in an average month. The month the Facebook video ad ran, they booked 16. Seven can be attributed to the Facebook video. A clear call to action at the end of the video made it easy for prospects to figure out how to get in touch, via phone or email, and where to go for more information.

Bookings aside, the video also led to a great deal of brand awareness. On the day the ad ran, the Kristina Houser Photography & Cinema website saw 415 visitors. That's more than 27X the average daily visitor count of 15.

Kristina also heard great feedback from friends and existing clients that saw the video. "It was exciting to hear comments about how professional the video was," says Kristina. "I didn't tell them it only took me 20 minutes."

Key Takeaways

Experiment with Facebook ads

Use big text for sound-off viewing

Include a clear call to action

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