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This magazine inspires with a Facebook video marketing strategy that gets millions of views.

Inspirer Magazine
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The Goal

Expanding reach on Facebook

Inspirer Magazine is a publication that celebrates women who inspire others — and it wanted to start celebrating those women with video on social media. The publication looked for a reliable tool to help them create content on a near-daily basis, and when they saw Animoto was offering square videos optimized for social, they decided to give it a try.

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Product: Marketing Video

Style: Blank Slate

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Product: Marketing Video

Style: Blank Slate

The Solution

Social media-ready video that's easy to create and share

Inspirer tested out Animoto and liked how uncomplicated it was — "the technology is straightforward and produces professional results." That ease of use meant that multiple people in the office could use the service to create content, instead of forcing the magazine to rely on employees with video editing expertise. After creating a few other marketing videos, the staff focused on an issue near and dear to them — the shortage of women in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They created a quick video about female artists who are both eligible for the Hall of Fame and haven’t been inducted yet. The video featured photos from PR reps for the artists and a few licensed images from photo agencies. Inspirer added text to make sure their video could be understood when viewed silently and then shared it on their Facebook page.

"Animoto has allowed our magazine to stand out on Facebook with share-worthy video content. We are now empowered to have a video strategy on social media due to how easy Animoto is and how well our Animoto videos perform."

– Desarae Gabrielle, Inspirer Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief

The Results

Expanding print sales through success with video

By almost any metric, Inspirer’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame video was a solid-gold hit, with 5,453,182 views, 13,000 reactions, and 104,317 shares. Perhaps more importantly, Inspirer Magazine saw a 15% increase in print sales following their viral video, inspiring them to create more Animoto videos — more than 40 in their first month of use.

Key Takeaways

Promote print content with video

Add text so videos can be viewed silently

Create regular content for social media

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