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Learn why video was the best tool for telling this luxury brand's story.

Luxury Jewelry Brand
The Goal

Telling a story

Goldtinker is a high-end jewelry store and brand located in Red Bank, New Jersey. Craftsman jewelers work on-site to handcraft pieces designed by Goldtinker owner Joseph Romanowski, but not from the showroom floor where visitors can see them. Recognizing the opportunity to highlight its one-of-a-kind and handcrafted jewelry, Goldtinker's social media consultant, Theresa Pittius, wanted to find a way to bring the story of the creativity and ingenuity taking place in behind the scenes and share it with Goldtinker's customers and fans.

Video Details:

Product: Marketing Video

Style: Glamour

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Product: Marketing Video

Style: Glamour

The Solution

Giving customers a peek behind the scenes

To share the story behind how their jewelry is made, Goldtinker's social media consultant Theresa Pittius took photos and video clips of the craftsman jewelers at work and created this company overview video. The video, along with four other Animoto videos Theresa made with sketches and product photos Goldtinker already had on hand, loops on a big screen in the store to give customers better insight into how the products they're shopping for are made, one at a time, by craftsmen with over 100 years of combined experience. Theresa also created a number of shortened versions of these videos to share on Facebook and Instagram.

"Video performs well on social for us, and the fact that we also can create longer videos for the in-store screen in the showroom was a bonus that has helped tell the Goldtinker brand story to everyone who steps inside."

– Theresa Pittius, Social Media Consultant

The Results

Sparking a conversation with storytelling

It’s now a regular occurrence for people stopping by Goldtinker's showroom to comment on the videos, noting they hadn't realized all the work that goes into the creation of the brand's jewelry. That behind-the-scenes look at the craftsmen at work has really given new meaning to the pieces that are being sold.

The Animoto videos Theresa has shared for Goldtinker on Facebook have also helped get the word out about Goldtinker's company story and products. In the first nine months of 2016, she created and shared 14 Facebook videos, including more behind-the-scenes content, video commercials to celebrate holidays such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, and themed videos around special events such as weddings.

Tripling reach on social

When posting Animoto videos like this one to Facebook, Goldtinker has seen 3X the reach as they do when posting photos.

Key Takeaways

Tell a story

Go behind the scenes

Create short versions for social

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