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Discover how this genealogist drove 4K event RSVPs to her webinar with video.

Genealogy Gems
Genealogical Education
The Goal

Driving event attendance for a new webinar

Genealogy Gems is a podcast produced by Lisa Louise Cooke, focused on equipping its audience with research strategies and creative ways to share their family history. Since her podcast listeners span several generations, Lisa knew she needed a way to speak to a range of audiences. Fortunately, video is not just for attracting millennials, but also an effective way to reach baby boomers and beyond. To broaden her reach and drive up interest for her upcoming webinar, she decided to incorporate video into her business’s marketing campaign.

Video Details:

Product: Marketing Video

Style: Hi-Rise

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Product: Marketing Video

Style: Hi-Rise

The Solution

Boosting interest with targeted videos, and retargeting folks who missed out

Lisa’s initial Facebook ad shared information about the upcoming online live event, and encouraged viewers to sign up for the webinar on the Genealogy Gems website, which included a longer, more informative video. The video used bold, stylish text, paired with the song, “Fly,” by Jason Pfaff, from Animoto’s commercially licensed music library. Having read that square video is more eye-catching, the business opted to use this format for the video ads posted on Facebook or Instagram.

The additional video on the Genealogy Gems website gave viewers an in-depth look at what would be covered at the webinar. This video amplified the podcast’s marketing efforts, resulting in nearly a 50% conversion rate of people visiting the page, and more than four thousand registrants.

Since the event was live, Lisa decided to create a follow-up video ad offering a recap of the broadcast, and retargeted those who had prior engagement with the initial Facebook ad. The Animoto recap video served as another, timely opportunity to advertise the event. It drove interest in the webinar even after it aired live by redirecting folks to the original broadcast on the Genealogy Gems YouTube channel.

"Animoto helped us achieve one of our primary goals: to reach a wider audience. With video, we were able to educate customers about what we do and our passion for doing it. Animoto Marketing gave us multiple chances to reach folks we may have missed on our first try, expanding the impact we had before videos."

– Lisa Louise Cooke, Producer and hostess of Genealogy Gems podcast

The Results

Maximizing reach to engage potential customers

The Genealogy Gems’ video was shared a total of 377 times, no easy feat for any small business. Animoto’s marketing video builder allowed the business to create a thumb-stopping video that amassed 27,825 views and 644 reactions. Both succinct and informative, the video allowed viewers to quickly grasp the purpose of the webinar, while generating brand awareness for Genealogy Gems.

Additionally, video ads shared after the live event helped the business retarget potential customers who missed the initial broadcast. The recap video received 17,255 views, 298 reactions, and 179 shares, further expanding the podcast’s reach and allowing it to connect with a new audience.

Key Takeaways

Recap live events with video to promote them further

Retarget a previously engaged audience to provide value

Create square videos to maximize impact on mobile

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