Success Story

This farm generated local awareness with a share-worthy Facebook video.

Clark's Elioak Farm
Historic Farm
The Goal

Driving local awareness... with goats!

Clark’s Elioak Farm is an historic farm located in Ellicott City, Maryland. In addition to traditional farming operations, Clark’s Farm also offers a petting farm, an enchanted forest, educational tours, birthday parties, and a variety of other activities.

Earlier this year Nora Crist, who manages social media for Clark’s Farm and is also part of the Clark family, shared a photo of a baby goat on Facebook that gleaned more than 40 shares and nearly 600 likes, helping spread awareness for the farm. Nora isn’t a video expert but, having heard about the effectiveness of video on Facebook, she wanted to see what kind of engagement and reach a goat video could bring to the farm and whether it would get better results than the photo did.

Video Details:

Product: Marketing Video

Style: Standout

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Product: Marketing Video

Style: Standout

The Solution

Boosting share-worthy video

When a friend, Chan Lin, who also happens to be a professional photographer, came for a visit, she shot some video footage of the farm and used Animoto to create this video. The video started to take off organically on the Clark’s Farm Facebook page, so Nora decided to give it an extra boost, spending $100 to target an audience of parents within 50 miles of Ellicott City.

"Having so many of our fans share this video has given us greater brand awareness in our community. We've always counted on our fans to get the word out for us and it was great to see them do it with the click of a mouse."

– Nora Crist, 7th Generation Farmer

The Results

A new level of word-of-mouth marketing

The results were astounding. The video received more than 38,000 views and 750 likes. But the best part was seeing how Clark’s Farm fans got involved in spreading the word through nearly 350 shares and tagging of friends in the comments to let them know about the farm. The sheer amount of engagement was certainly worth the $100 spent.

Key Takeaways

Boost content that's performing well

Target locally

Encourage sharing

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