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See how Animoto square videos enabled Brussels Airlines to create their first Facebook Canvas ad.

Brussels Airlines
International Airline
The Goal

Spreading awareness about new flights to Mumbai

Brussels Airlines is the leading Belgian airline, offering flights to over 70 destinations in Europe and 19 destinations in Africa from its base in Brussels Airport. In preparing for the launch of flights to Mumbai, starting in March of 2017, the airline’s marketing team planned a series of Facebook Canvas ads, a mobile ad type that lets advertisers tell immersive, multi-media stories. They wanted to see if including videos could boost campaign performance and grab the attention of their target audience.

Andrea Bonauito, Brussels Airlines Manager of Marketing and Online Sales North America, wanted to include square videos, specifically, because they would take up more space on the mobile devices of those looking at the Canvas ad. “By including 1:1 ratio videos in the shape of a square, our advertising will effectively get more space than landscape videos in the 16:9 ratio,” Andrea says. “And when it comes to ad space, no one wants a smaller space."

Video Details:

Product: Marketing Video Builder

Style: Standout (Square)

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Product: Marketing Video Builder

Style: Standout (Square)

The Solution

Using Animoto to create square marketing videos

Brussels Airlines’ North American team was able to bypass outsourcing the video creation and create a video themselves, using Animoto, within a matter of days. They ordered ingredients and shot and edited two recipe videos, featuring visually-appealing Mumbai cuisine - Mango Lassi and Vada Pav.

The videos were used in the Canvas Ad only, which you can see in action in the video above. The ad was designed to give viewers “a taste of Mumbai,” and featured travel tips and fun Mumbai facts set on a colorful backdrop, along with a CTA to “View Flight Deals.”

"Animoto has opened up a new advertising possibilities for us at Brussels Airlines. By creating and including square videos into our very first Facebook canvas for mobile viewing we could see a boost in performance and optimization almost immediately."

– Andrea Bonauito, Manager of Marketing and Online Sales North America

The Results

More audience engagement with well-timed videos

Because of the fact that they were able to create the videos themselves, they were able to reallocate the money that would’ve been spent on outsourcing towards ad spend. The increased budget, paired with the highly engaging content in their Canvas ads, led to great results for Brussels Airlines. In the first 48 hours alone, they saw people spending an average of 37.38 seconds within their Canvas. The ad received over 11,000 engagements and over 4,000 actions were taken, including clicks and conversions.

But the biggest win was in terms of the time viewers spent on the Brussels Airlines website. Those that visited via the Canvas ad were spending an average of 1 minute and 20 seconds on the website. This is significantly longer than what they’ve previously seen from non-Canvas Facebook ads. Andrea says, “It’s almost unbelievable improvement and clearly shows our strategy is working.”

This video, featured in the Canva Ad, features the recipe for Mango Lassi. It was created using the Standout (Square) Marketing Video style and the song “Bollywood Nights (Instrumental)” by Abbas Premjee, available in the Animoto music library.

The second video in Brussels Airlines’ Canvas ad showcases the recipe for Vada Pav, a popular street food in Mumbai. It also uses the Standout (Square) Marketing Video style and Abbas Premjee’s “Bollywood Nights (Instrumental).”

Key Takeaways

Choose square videos to optimize for mobile

Experiment with Facebook Canvas ads

Create videos yourself instead of outsourcing

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