Celebrate the holidays with video slideshows

Easily combine pictures, video clips, and music and make stunning slideshows that help you share your holiday story.

Bring the warmth of the holiday season to life

The holiday season is full of important moments. Get ready with video invitations to holiday parties and video Christmas cards. Then send out a video invitation to a Hanukkah event or make a heartfelt video slideshow gift to let people know you care and are thinking of them during the holiday season. Finally, hold onto all your holiday memories with slideshows recapping big seasonal events so that you can revisit the warmth of the holiday season any time you want.

See how families and businesses are telling their stories with Animoto

Want more resources to help you start your holiday slideshow? Our blog has you covered. First, read our intro on using Animoto. Then check out our advice for shooting holiday photos on a DSLR camera, or look over our 12 video-worthy holiday moments to add to your slideshow this year. For business owners, take a look at a few of the ways of the ways you can promote your business during the holidays with video. And if you’re looking for music inspiration, we've got a music library with lots of favorite Christmas carols and Hanukkah songs.