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YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with over 1 billion users. And with people watching almost five billion videos daily, YouTube advertising is a great opportunity to get your message in front of potential customers. Animoto streamlines the editing process from start to finish so you can create YouTube ads in minutes.

Make your own YouTube ads

Video templates designed for YouTube ad success

Bumper ad

Capture your audience's attention quickly and effectively by using a 6-second YouTube bumper ad. This type of ad typically airs right before a YouTube video begins. Include a quick call to action in your ad to lead viewers to your landing page.

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TrueView for Action ad

Videos designed with clear calls to action are proven to result in more leads and conversions. Introduce your business and drive customers to your website to explore your products and services and take actions valuable to your business.

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Trueview ad

Let viewers know why they should buy from you with voice-over or on-camera audio to take advantage of YouTube’s emphasis on sound-on viewing. Remember, with TrueView ads, you'll only be charged if a viewer chooses to watch your ad.

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Making YouTube video ads

  1. Choose a templatePick a storyboard template to jumpstart your project, then start customizing it to fit your brand messaging. With Animoto, you never have to start a new project from scratch and our YouTube templates let you create videos with best practices already built in.
  2. Add photos and video clipsUpload your own photos and video clips using Animoto's simple drag-and-drop editor. Add product shots or clips of spokespeople discussing your brand—get creative!
  3. Customize music and visual effectsCapture viewers' attention quickly with eye-popping visuals and music. Select a licensed song from Animoto's commercial music library, then pair it with dynamic filters and transitions to get your audience interested right away.

Optimizing YouTube video ads

  1. Sharp calls to actionMake your calls to action clear from the start. Engage your audience's attention with bright colors and interesting text. Make it easy to go right from your YouTube video to your website.
  2. Use logos and brandingAdd a watermark to your video within Animoto to keep your brand in view for as long as your audience is watching. You can also adjust the thumbnail of your published YouTube video to evoke a specific brand message or to include an enticing image that'll make viewers want to press play.
  3. Landscape over square videosYouTube videos look their best when they're horizontal. But even if you've started a project with a square video, you can switch over to landscape in seconds with Animoto's one-click-aspect ratio tool.

Maximize your YouTube video ads

  1. Choose in-stream or discovery adsBefore you start planning out your video, decide what type of YouTube ad you'll be creating. There are two main types. In-stream YouTube ads appear before, during, or after a regular video. This type of ad is especially effective because it gets placed directly in front of would-be customers where it commands their full attention. Discovery ads appear alongside related YouTube videos in YouTube search results and can sometimes cost less than in-stream ads. Select the type of ad that better fits your goals and your ad budget.
  2. Experiment with targetingLike other social media platforms, YouTube has many targeting options to help you pinpoint the right audiences for your brand. It's a good idea to A/B test different ad placements, interests, and keyword targeting to optimize your campaigns and boost conversions.
  3. Add a call to actionYouTube lets you add clickable calls to action within your video ad, allowing you to link viewers directly to your download page, shopping cart, or website. You can even add a reference to the call-to-action button in your video to help draw attention to it.

Case Study

See how one company cut YouTube ad production costs while increasing web traffic

SmartShop was able to launch a successful rebranding campaign by combining the power of Animoto with YouTube ads. By creating one skippable TrueView ad, a Bumper ad, and another TrueView ad aimed at maximizing clicks, SmartShop was able to guide YouTube users seamlessly through their sales funnel and raise brand awareness. They cut production costs in half while effectively reaching their target audience and driving traffic to their website.




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How to make a YouTube video ad with Animoto

  1. Select a storyboard template or start from scratch
  2. Upload your photos and video clips or choose from our library of Getty Images stock
  3. Personalize by changing colors, text, and music, and adding your logo
  4. Produce and share to your YouTube channel in one click.

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