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Sharing your Animoto video

Once you’ve created your video, you’ll want to share it. Take a look at how you can post, email, and download your next Animoto video. But first check out exactly where you can find all of Animoto’s share options.

Video play page

After you produce a video, you can find sharing options directly below your video on the video’s play page. Our most popular ways to share—Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube—will appear on top as colorful buttons, and below them you can find options for creating links, exporting to Hubspot, and more. Still not seeing the options you need? Click “View More” to see a broader selection of ways to share.

My Videos page

If you want to share a video you’ve previously worked on, head to your My Videos page—it’s the page you see after you log into Animoto. Hover over the video you’d like to share with your mouse, and you should see a dark transparent screen appear over your video with an option to share. The icon for the Share options will be in the middle on the right and look like three dots that have been connected. From there, you can find all the share options available on your video’s play page.

Where you can share your video

Once you’ve found Animoto’s share features, you’ll see there are many different places you can share your videos. Take a look at a few of the most popular ways to share.

  • Emailing videos
    Click the email icon, which is shaped like an envelope, and you’ll see an email form. Enter your recipient’s email address, any message you’d like, and choose a delivery date. Click the blue SHARE VIDEO button to send it out.
  • Sharing videos to Facebook
    Animoto’s Facebook sharing lets you select whether you’re posting to a personal or business account. You can also edit your video title and description, tag friends, and preview how your post will look all before it hits Facebook. Your video will be a direct upload to Facebook, meaning it’ll autoplay in people’s newsfeeds, and Facebook’s algorithm will give it priority over other kinds of posts, like links or photos.
  • Sharing videos to Twitter
    Animoto lets you upload any video up to 2:20 minutes in length to Twitter. Click on the Twitter icon to write the tweet that’ll accompany your video, then click BEGIN EXPORT to send your video to Twitter. Once your video loads, you’ll see an autoplay version of it appear in your feed. Videos that are longer than 2:20 minutes will be tweeted out as links rather than native video.
  • Sharing videos to Instagram
    While Instagram doesn’t let you upload video from your desktop, you can download the Animoto app for iOS or Android devices and quickly download the video to your device and upload it to Instagram. Make sure to select a cover image while you’re finalizing your video in Instagram—you can find an option for cover images on the same screen as filters.
  • Downloading videos
    If you’re on your Animoto video’s play page, look for “Download” under “Options” on the right below your video. If you’re on your My Videos page, hover over the video you’d like to download and select the “Download” option that will appear in the center of your video. In either case, you’ll be asked to select a video resolution. We recommend downloading your video at 1080p or 720p for high-definition videos.
  • Embedding your videos
    Select the “Embed” icon. You’ll see options for video size and resolution, as well as the ability to add a call-to-action button to the end of your video. Once you’ve made your selections, copy the code at the bottom of the Embed window and paste it into your website.
Pro tip

Instead of adding embed code, Wordpress users can just add the video’s web address as plain text on their blog or webpage, and the video will auto-embed.

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