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How to use our Getty Images stock library in your marketing videos

Getty Images has one of the most renowned collections of stock photography and stock footage in the business. And Animoto has a stock library with more than one million Getty Images stock photos and video clips for you to use in your marketing videos. Find out how to add this high-quality imagery your to next project.

Start your project

Log in to Animoto and click CREATE. When you create a marketing video, either choose a storyboard, or click START FROM SCRATCH to begin a new video. You can also copy or edit an old video and add stock content to it.

Search for stock

Click the Media icon on the left-hand toolbar. Then, choose “STOCK” from the Media tray to see the search bar. Enter your keywords and hit Enter or the blue magnifying glass icon to search our collection of Getty Images stock photos and video clips.

Pro Tip

Look for colors, moods, times of day, or other adjectives that can help you find the exact type of image you want.

Add stock to your project

Once you find an image or video clip you like, just drag and drop it from the Media tray into your project. You can add as many as you like—our library of more than one million Getty Images stock footage and photos is included as part of your subscription.

Save Your Favorites

Add any image or video to Favorites to easily access it across all your projects. Just click the heart icon on assets in the Media tray to add them to your Favorites collection.

Adjust your images and video clips

After you add stock photos and video clips to your project, you can adjust them to fit your video. Enlarge images, trim video clips, move content around within a block in your project, or add text and your logo as a watermark.

Stock Best Practices

Learn how to find stock photos and video clips that’ll fit your message and look great in your project.

  • Get creative with search terms
    Use descriptive words to find the exact image or video clip you want. You can use more than one keyword in our Getty Images search to find what you need. Getty Images' tagging system lets you look for specific industries, time of day, or location to help you find the right stock for your project. You can even add terms like "white space" to find images with room for text or search "no people" to discover content that's people-free.
  • Search according to mood
    The most successful videos set a mood, and your images and video clips are a big part of that. So if you’re not sure of a specific visual you want, or you want to cut down on your options, consider searching for emotions—like sad or happy. You could also choose a color associated with a mood—say red in a video about love or blue in a video that promotes calm.
  • Consider the look of your brand
    Your video marketing should match your branding. Think about the style and colors that represent your business and try to reflect that in your choice of stock.
  • Be consistent
    Look for colors and content that seem to go together. In other words, don’t go from a wacky visual to one that’s more serious and realistic. Our stock collection includes several sets images and video clips that go together, which can be used to create a story with a uniform look and feel. Likewise, you should keep the tones of your colors similar, so don’t switch from bright, cheery colors to muted tones. If you want to find a quick and easy way to help your images keep a uniform look, try filtering your images and video clips. Click on the Filter icon on the toolbar to find different ways to adjust the look of all your visuals at once.
  • Leave room for your text
    Once you've selected your Getty Images stock, check to see how it works with your text. Photos and video clips that leave room above, below, or to the side will give you more space to add what you want to say.
  • Remember your audience
    Viewers tend to relate to images of people that resemble them. So try to choose stock that reflects the audience you want to connect with. If you're stuck, image the customer you want, then add some of those traits to your keywords to find the stock you need.

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