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How to add a watermark to your marketing videos

Want to keep your brand in sight throughout your video? Our watermark feature lets you add your logo to the corner of your video, keeping your brand top of mind from start to finish. Adding a watermark is easy. Reach on for simple step-by-step instructions and tips for logo best practices.

1. Upload your logo

You can find the watermark feature on the left-hand toolbar, under the paint-brush-shaped “Design” icon. Click UPLOAD to add your logo to your project. To find out the size and type of file we recommend for this feature, take a look at our Best Practices section below.

2. Adjust size and transparency

Once you’ve uploaded your logo, an option to “See More” will appear beneath it. Click to see options for adjusting your logo’s size, transparency, and position. To change your logo’s size, select “S” for small, “M” for medium, or “L” for large under “SIZE.” To make your logo a bit more see-through, click the “TRANSPARENCY” toggle.

Pro Tip

Try the smallest size for your watermark. A smaller logo will take up less room and won't overpower your video.

3. Put your logo in position.

To change the location of your logo, head over to “POSITION.” You’ll see a rectangle broken up into four pieces. Each piece corresponds to a corner of your video. Click the corner where you’d like your logo to appear, and your logo will jump to that position in every block in your video, with the exception of Logo blocks.

Pro Tip

For maximum visibility, and to keep your logo from blocking your video's text, try placing your watermark in one of the top two corners of your video.

Watermark Best Practices

Check out a few ways to adjust your logo before and after you upload it, to make sure it looks its best.

  • Choose the right file size
    We recommend you upload a logo that's at least 800 pixels on the longest side so that your watermark will look its best, even at a 1080p resolution. Animoto supports logos in saved as JPG, GIF, TIFF, or PNG files.
  • Make your logo's background transparent
    If you want avoid a background on your logo, try saving your logo as a PNG file. A PNG image can have a transparent background, meaning there won’t be extra white space in your logo blocking the rest of your video. If you aren’t able save your logo as a PNG image, crop the image as close to the logo as you can to minimize the amount of room the watermark takes up.
  • Select a simple logo
    Logos that have a few solid lines will be easier to see when shrunk down than very detailed logos with finer lines. Likewise, a logo with just one or two colors will stand out more than one featuring several colors.
  • Have logos in several colors
    It pays to have a few different versions of your logo in different colors, but at the very least, keep a white logo for darker videos and a black logo for lighter videos. It’ll help your logo stand out in any background you choose. You may also want to save a few in colors that match your branding as well.
  • Move text away from your logo
    Consider where your watermark will be when you place your text. If you put your logo in the upper right corner, for example, keep your text away from that area. Otherwise, the logo will overlap your copy and look less professional.

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