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Customizing marketing video text

When you’re creating a video for social media, text is key for getting your message across, especially since most of your audience is probably watching without sound. That’s why Animoto gives you lots of flexibility in the text design and positioning in your marketing videos. Here are a few of the options you can use to make your text stand out.

1. Choosing text color and font

Click the “Design” icon on the toolbar to see color options for background, text, and, if you’re using the Bold style, even text boxes. Click on whichever you’d like to adjust to see a selection of colors for that feature. From there, you can click the arrow button on the bottom right to see a wider assortment of colors and a place to enter Hex color codes.

To choose a new font, scroll down to find one that fits your needs. Then just click the bubble to the left of your choice to select it and apply it to your project.

2. Moving text

To change the position of your text, click “See More” at the bottom of the block you’d like to adjust. This will take you to Edit Mode. Once there, just click the text you want to move. You’ll see a series of guidelines appear. Just drag the text to where you want it to reposition it.

3. Changing text size

If you want to change the size of your text, click “See More” at the bottom of the block you’d like to adjust. Next, click on the “T” icon to see more text options. To the right of your text, you’ll see small buttons with a big “A” and a little “A”. Click this button to access a slider tool, which will let you increase or decrease the size of your text.

4. Creating a split screen

If you want images or video clips to appear next to your text, try creating a block with a split screen. Click “See More” below your block to enter Edit Mode. Then click on the picture icon that’s next to the “T”. You’ll see a section called “Edit Layout.” Choose “Crop Left” or “Crop Right” under this section to create a split screen with room for text on one side.

Pro tip

Also under “Edit Layout,” you’ll find “Fullscreen,” which lets images take up the entire screen, and “Fit to Frame,” which shows complete images with no cropping.

5. Using Edit Mode to change text

If want to change the colors in just one block, click on “See More” below that block to go to Edit Mode; then click on the “T” icon. There you’ll see color options for backgrounds, text, and text boxes—if text boxes are available in your style. You can also add text to a second line in Edit Mode, and choose a separate color for it. Click on the colored boxes with numbered codes in them to see your color options.

6. Making text stand out

If you’ve got a busy image or a video clip that’s making text hard to read, go to Edit Mode by selecting “See More” below your video block. Next, select the “T” icon. At the bottom of this screen, you’ll see an “Enhance Legibility” toggle. Shift the toggle to the right so that it turns blue and you should see a transparent background appear behind your text, making it easier to read.

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