Animoto Tutorial

How to customize your own storyboard video template

1. Choose your "storyboard"

Start with a video you’ve already customized that has a layout and design you’d like to use again. Review this video carefully, and make sure you’re happy with the colors, fonts, and other stylistic elements of the video, since this video is going to be your new storyboard.

2. Copy your project

You can do this on the My Videos page. In the upper-right-hand corner of the screen, you’ll see a set of three dots. Click there, and you’ll see a copy option. Once you select that, a duplicate of your project will appear at the top of your My Videos page. This copy will have all the content you had in the original project, including color and style choices, music selections, and logos.

Pro Tip

Once you’re happy with your personalized storyboard, give it a name that’ll make it easy to find later. Labeling your video clearly will make it easier to search for when you need it.

3. Add new content

Treat your copy just like a storyboard, and swap out old content with new photos, video clips, and text. Once you’ve finished adding new assets and deleting the old, just produce your project, and you’re done! In minutes you’ve created an entirely new video using your own storyboard.

Pro Tip

To delete your old video’s photos and video clips, select them in your Media tray. Then just click the “Delete” button that appears at the bottom of the Media tray to remove the content you’ve selected.

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