Adopt or Foster Coco (A884358)!

January 05, 2011


Erica B


Coco (A#884358) is in a high kill shelter in New York City and is desperately awaiting a new home! A Volunteer Writes: Coco is a 2 year old stray who arrived at the shelter on December 10th. At first glance, Coco looks black, but upon further inspection her coat is really a gorgeous dark seal brown, which reflects different lighter shades of brown and even red in some light. Coco is quite anxious to get out of her cage at the shelter and take care of business, and once that's through she stops to (gently) hug her person as if to say "THANK YOU!!!" before the walk can continue. Coco appears to be yet another "throwaway mommy" we see so often at the shelter: distended mammary glands, no puppies, and also no owner coming forward for her. Additionally, she does not seem to have been particularly well cared for before being thrown away, she is too thin to the point her ribs show (which is only exacerbated by her large, lab-like head), and has some areas of missing fur. I'm sure with just a little food and TLC, Coco will have the gorgeous looks to compliment her winning personality, did I mention she walks nicely on a leash, is friendly with other creatures, and loves to snuggle? Coco is seeking a loving forever home where she will never have to worry about being thrown away again, she is waiting for her new family at the Manhattan Shelter................... Additional Bio: This beautiful girl sits in her cage, quietly whimpering and wagging her tail, asking so sweetly for a walk. It's an honor to oblige--she immediately relieves herself outside, and walks so beautifully on a leash. She's a joy to be with in every way; while life clearly hasn't been kind to her recently--she appears to be a throw-away mom, and at 56 puonds, could put five pounds on her very skinny frame--but she is endlessly grateful and sweet to everyone (our behaviorist agrees, rewarding her with the wonderful "mild" status for her sweetness to other animals and people, and her behavior around food an


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