Save Sage (A#A884620)

December 30, 2010


Erica B


Two year old SAGE is on DEATH ROW in New York City! Please save her! -- A volunteer writes: Lovely Sage was brought into the shelter as she was found roaming the streets of Brooklyn by herself. The officer who brought her in said she was a very nice dog - and she is. She has sad eyes, pointed out to me by another volunteer, as she cannot figure out what she is doing in a loud smelly shelter. But whatever has happened in her life, has not changed the fact that she is sweet natured, friendly and loving. She was rated a Mild by our behaviorist for her good attitude towards people, dogs, food, and toys. She walks well on the leash, appears housetrained and sits on command. Someone took good care of her at one point! Her coat is beautiful, she takes treats very gently and is simply a sweetheart. Someone will be very lucky to have this girl. It was a very cold day so she wasn't anxious to spend a great deal of time outdoors, and was happiest giving and getting great hugs. Sage is beautiful, inside and out, and a must meet in Manhattan today.------- ADDITIONAL BIO ----- Here is a good way to sum up beautiful Sage: After a wonderful time romping through the snow, making snowmen, and chasing snowballs, she came back inside with her walker and was tied to a wall beside me while I cleaned her cage. When I turned around, she was making out with another dog through the kennel bars. This girl is a LOVE!!!!! She's so tender hearted and so full of fun, even sitting in the sick ward at the shelter. She was so thrilled to get out of her cage and run around, but she as never obnoxious--just curious and celebratory. This girl will make someone the most beautiful and wonderful pet--it's astonishing she hasn't been snatched up already, but please, don't make her wait any longer! ***************************************** Animal Care & Control, NYC, Manhattan - 212-722-4939 (hit 0 for operator, do not leave a message. May need to hot 0 a few times). Shelter website with direc


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