Save Sweet Girl Donna (A884258)!

December 31, 2010


Erica B


Donna (A884258) is only 4 years old and in a high kill shelter in New York City. Save her before it's too late!..... A volunteer wrote: Itty-bitty Donna the 4 year-old pittie is quite lucky to have made it to the shelter (and this is not said too often), because of the terrible shape she arrived in. Severely emaciated, Donna also had significant wounds on her ear and along her back, and according to the medical department, "was probably bred numerous times". None of this has darkened her spirits for a second though, and when I let Donna outside to run around with me, she acted like she didn't have a worry in the world. She is unfailingly affectionate, climbing gently into my lap, and trotting around the yard to take in all the new smells. Her appetite is unsurprisingly huge, and when I gave her some gooey chicken and gravy, she lapped it up, snorting with glee and then studiously cleaning her face with her tongue and paws, cat-style. Thankfully, her wounds have started to heal, and don't seem to be extremely fresh, so Donna is on her way to a new start. You are the key to the last step in her rejuvination -- give her a loving forever home and you will be this little lovely lady's hero forever....... Find her at Animal Care & Control, NYC, Manhattan. Adoption info and directions can be found at Please take note of her A number so that they can find her on the list. To contact by phone call Manhattan - 212-722-4939 (hit 0 for operator, do not leave a message. May need to hit 0 a few times).


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