Treat Mom to a Mother’s Day Slideshow Video

Looking for an original gift idea for Mom? Turn your pictures and video clips into a video slideshow that’ll warm her heart.

Video Gift Ideas… for Every Mom!

Creating a slideshow video from your pictures and video clips isn’t just a fun way to tell Mom you love her, and to share some of your favorite memories. It can also be a fun gift for Grandma, from a mother or father to a daughter with children, from a husband to a wife, to a friend that’s a mom, or any mother in your life. Check out the video examples below for inspiration.

A gift from the kids

Mothers deserve gratitude every day, but especially on Mother's Day. Grab your camera, gather up the kids, and have them tell Mom why they love her.

Slideshow Video style: Keepsake

To daughter from Mom

One of the best things about becoming a grandmother is getting to watch your daughter blossom into a great mom. Send her a video to show her how proud you are of her.

Slideshow Video style: Chalk Blossoms

A video card for Grandma

Even though grandma might be far away, you can bring her close by sending her a video card across the miles. Be sure to include lots of pictures of the grandkids!

Slideshow Video style: Memory Box

Need more Mother’s Day slideshow video inspiration?

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