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Celebrate Mother’s Day with video. Make a personalized video gift to show Mom you care, or make a video to promote your business. Combine your photos and video clips with text and music to create your video for Mom. With Animoto’s Mother’s Day video maker, it's easy.

Make a Mother's Day Video

Get inspired with these Mother's Day video examples

Video gift for Mom

Show Mom you love her with a video. Round up memorable photos and add a loving message to make a Mother's Day video gift she's sure to treasure.

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Mother's Day video ad

Create a thumb-stopping video ad for your Mother's Day promo. Share gift ideas or make a special promotion targeted specifically at moms.

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Fun social video

Celebrate with a fun Mother's Day video shared on social media. Round up your favorite quotes, share a list, or create a video of shareworthy photos.

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Creative ideas for Mother's Day slideshows

  1. Celebrate all the moms in your lifeWhile the most common Mother's Day gift is from a child to a mother, Mother's Day is an opportunity to celebrate every mom. Make a Mother's Day video from a husband to his wife, from the kids for Grandma, or for a friend who's a mom. Create a Mother's Day gift from mother to daughter or daughter to mother. Or, for the first-time mother, make a video about the first moments between mom and baby. The possibilities are endless!
  2. Take a trip back in timeWhen making a video for Mom, get nostalgic and use photos from the past. Scroll back through your Facebook or Instagram feed to find old photos of newer moms. Find old photos in your Camera Roll or on your desktop. Or take trip back in time by flipping through old scrapbooks and photo albums. Snap a photo of your favorite old photos and upload them to Animoto to include in your video.
  3. Add a handmade touch to your videoA Mother’s Day video with your own photos and video clips is very special and personal. But you can make it feel even more personalized and crafty by adding a handmade touch. Try including scanned or photographed drawings from the kids or a handwritten message. You can even create a handwritten sign to hold on camera while you say something special to Mom.
  4. Interview the kidsAn interview with children makes for a cute keepsake the whole family will enjoy for years to come. Here are a few questions to ask the kids: What do you love the most about your mom? If your mom was a superhero, who would she be? How are you like your mom? What does your mom do at work? What does your mom do for fun? What’s something fun that you and your mom could do together?

How to market your business with video this Mother's Day

  1. Make a video ad targeting Mother's Day gift giversSpread the word about any of your products or services that would make nice Mother’s Day gifts. Then create a Mother’s Day video ad and target those looking to buy Mother’s Day gifts. When it comes to Mother's Day promo videos, remember to start early. You want to make sure to reach customers when they're shopping for gifts. You can create a last-minute Mother's Day promo video as well to continue to drive sales.
  2. Share a Mother’s Day promo targeting momsMother's Day can also be a good time of year to offer a special promo for moms! Make a video for social media, or for a targeted ad, sharing a special promotion. Offer a special that’ll help Mom save money or make her life easier. Start from scratch or give one of our Seasonal Promotion video template a try. Just drag and drop your own photos and video clips and update the text to make it your own.
  3. Spread the love with a fun social video for Mother’s DaySeasonal holidays also offer opportunities to engage with customers on social media. Make a Mother's Day video to share on Instagram or Facebook and encourage your fans to share to spread the love. Round up some quotes about mothers, share stories from moms at your business, or make a list video for Mother's Day. When creating this type of video, tie it back to your business or customers in some way to keep it relevant.

Tips and tricks for creating a Mother’s Day video gift

  1. Selecting photos and video clipsWhen it comes to creating a video for Mom, family photos and video clips can add a nice personal touch. A Mother’s Day video that includes personal images makes for a very special gift. Be sure to choose photos you know Mom will love. You can add old photos that you've scanned or photos from social media or your desktop. You can use JPG, PNG, or GIF files, and we recommend they be around 2000 pixels wide. For video files, HD 1080p or 720p files will result in the best-looking Mother's Day video.
  2. Choosing your colors and fontSelect a color palette and font for your video that feels festive. Pinks, purples, and pastels are often the colors people associate with Mother’s Day. But think about your recipient and choose colors you know she’ll love. Animoto offers a variety of colors and fonts. You’ll find them under the “Style” tab in the toolbar when you create your Mother’s Day video.
  3. Finding the right music trackLast but not least, set the mood with music. The music you choose for your Mother’s Day video can take your video to the next level. With an Animoto subscription, you'll gain access to a library of licensed music for any occasion. Filter by mood, genre, and more to find a song for your video. If you select a song with lyrics, make sure the message feels right for your recipient.

Celebrate Mom with a video

How to make a Mother’s Day video in 4 easy steps with Animoto

  1. Choose a storyboard template or start from scratch
  2. Upload photos and video clips from your computer
  3. Personalize your Mother’s Day video by changing colors, text, and music
  4. Produce and share your video on social media or via email

Make a Mother’s Day video in minutes

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