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Easily create professional real estate videos to drive sales. Animoto's drag-and-drop video real estate video editor makes it easy to put together listing videos that get attention. No experience necessary.

Take real estate video production into your own hands

Transform the way you showcase properties with Animoto's user-friendly video creation platform. Our tools empower real estate professionals to craft captivating, high-quality videos with ease. Elevate your property presentations, engage potential buyers, and drive sales — all without needing any prior video creation experience.

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How to use Animoto's real estate video maker

  1. Choose a template to get the ball rolling. Templates give you a starting point. If you prefer a completely clean slate, start from scratch.
  2. Customize your video with your branding, apply animations, drag and drop your photos and video clips, and edit your media. 
  3. Choose a commercially-licensed song from our music library to set the tone for your video. 
  4. Share your video with built-in tools, including downloading, hosted links, and direct social sharing.
Success Story

Landing new clients with real estate video marketing

Getting your real estate listing videos seen by a broader audience is an important element of real estate video marketing. Just ask Geoffrey Brothers. After creating a video and sharing it with his Facebook network, he saw it gain 22,000 views, which opened the door to a whole new stream of clients.

Without any prior experience creating videos, Geoffrey was able to produce high-quality, engaging content that his customers could relate to. Best of all, he only spent $40 on his ads.

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