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Small business video marketing

Don’t know where or how to begin marketing your small business? In an age where video has become a must-have for marketers and businesses of all sizes, Animoto makes it easy for small businesses to engage with current customers — and attracting new ones — with video.

The Marketing Video Builder is a whole new way for small businesses to use Animoto, complete with features designed to make thumb-stopping videos for social media. Easily showcase your skills, products, and services with video, expand your customer reach, and increase sales and revenue. Improve search rankings with video and spread brand awareness through education.

We’ve designed our Marketing Video Builder from the ground up to specifically meet the needs of all you business owners and marketers out there. Whether it be a video for social media or a television commercial, Animoto’s easy-to-use interface makes it quick and fun to create videos for your business.

Tell your story with video. Celebrate your business with video. See how other small businesses are using Animoto and how it’s helped them.

See how small businesses are using Animoto

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