Arrange your images. Preview your video. Choose a soundtrack.

Add Animoto's video creation service to your site with our embeddable Flash application.

Add a rich video creation experience to your site in an accelerated timeframe or with limited development resources.

With the Video Creation Widget, you'll get:

  • Access to Animoto's Flash-based video creation user interface.
  • Access to Animoto's directing and rendering engines for advanced platform calls.
  • Access to commercially licensed song lists.
  • World class documentation, code samples, and technical support.

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Welcome to the Video Creation Widget Developer Guide.

The Video Creation Widget is a Flash application that enables partners to embed the Animoto video creation user experience directly into their website.

The behavior of the embedded app is customizable through a simple set of parameters.

The Video Creation Widget is a great integration option for partners who want to provide a cohesive experience to users without sending them to with a relatively small investment of developer resources.

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