Celebrate 10 years of Animoto for work and life
with video.

We're turning 10 - and we're celebrating with video, of course! Come join us and get inspired with some great video ideas for work, life, and everything in between.


It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since we launched Animoto. So what do we want for our birthday? Well, thanks for asking! What we’d really love is if you’d celebrate with us... by making videos, of course! Over the next five weeks we’ll be sharing five video ideas, applicable to video projects for family, business, and everything in between. We hope you’ll follow along and share your videos with us using the hashtag #CelebrateWithVideo.

Celebrate relationships.

Relationships are among the most important things we have in our lives. Hear from Facebook marketing expert and author of Relationship Marketing, Mari Smith, and get inspired to create a video celebrating relationships — whether it’s a video about your family or friends, a video showing appreciation for a client, or a video celebrating another bond that’s important to you.

Examples & Tips

Celebrate your history with video.

History helps us understand who we are and where we came from. Watch as genealogy author and host of The Genealogy Gems Podcast, Lisa Louise Cooke, explains why our histories are so important, and get inspired to create a video about your personal history, your family’s ancestry, the story of how your business got started, or another timeless keepsake.

Examples & Tips

Celebrate summer with video.

Nothing says celebration like summer! International wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis shares his own ode to one of the best seasons out there (we may be a little biased since our birthday is in summer!). Check out the video and then create a summer-themed video of your own, be it a vacation recap or a summer promo for your business.

Examples & Tips

Celebrate your community with video.

Our communities cheer us on, support us, lift us up, and share our interests. Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, shares the story of her own community and encourages you to make a video to say thank you to a community of your own, whether it’s a sports club, an online business community, or another group.

Examples & Tips

Celebrate your passion with video.

Passion is what drives us. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. Hear from master portrait photographer and educator Sue Bryce and get inspired to capture and celebrate your passion with video. Create a video about your business, travel, food, or anything you’re passionate about.

Examples & Tips

Celebrate with us, live!

Join us this Thursday, August 10, at 11am PT / 2pm ET for a Facebook Live birthday celebration. Follow us on Facebook to get a notification when we go live.